How to Change Android Boot Animation Screen to Custom[Both Root & Non-Root]

Howdy Folks! Do you know the reason why android is getting popular day by day. Well, one of the reason could be the insane level of its extension, customization & tweaks. Using the default boot animation looks quite silly now. Are you a android geek & wanna modify or change default or pre-installed android boot animation but don’t have enough knowledge or don’t know how to do so. Don’t worry baby! I’ll be telling you an easy guide to change android boot animation to custom boot screen.

Change android boot animation

You may be thinking can be change boot animation screen without root. Well, for now my answer goes to No!. Currently to let the process work, it requires a rooted android device. So if you’re having a rooted device you can happily read rest of the article & learn the easy way to change boot animation with root. For now learn, how to change android boot animation manually with root & i will be making another post with some best custom boot animation for android.

As their are thousands of best custom boot animation for android available for free. So you can download their zip file and read this article & you’ll be able to change silly boot animation screen without any app or knowledge. The tweaks are easier and let the people see your awesome work. Do you know – You can make your own custom boot animation too. But for now, Due to lack of time i’ll be posting how to add custom boot animation to your android boot screen only. May be later i’ll post about how to make own boot animation for android without root. The process is as easy as discussed to install app as system app.

What is Custom Android Boot Animation


Any Boot Animation other than the factory or default boot animation may be called as Custom Android Boot Animation. You can either flash custom boot animation or change the file manually. After a reboot changes will get applied & you’ll find a newer look to your android during boot.

Change Android Boot Animation

If you’re feeling that your android’s existing boot animation is not that cool. You should change it to custom with some easy steps. Don’t know what needs to be done? Here are some easy steps which you can follow to change android boot animation. You just need to change existing file to the new one or any custom android boot animation. Their are many ways to do it. Either you can replace the file manually or you can use app & changes will be made automatically.

Apply or Change Android Boot Animation Manually

Yes their’s a way to do it manually & it’s easy too. You can use any root browser app & replace the file manually. The one i use to do so is ES File Explorer. But Yup! it requires root access.

Change Android Boot Animation Using Root Browser

  • Download & Install Any Root Browser. ES File Explorer | Root Browser
  • Activate Root Explorer from side menu.
  • Give it root access.
  • Now navigate to folder /local/system/media
  • You will find file.
  • Simply long tap on it & rename it to bootanimation.techvshackz or anything you like.
  • Now Download any boot animation you like(should be in .zipformat)
  • And paste it to /local/system/media & rename it to
  • Reboot your device & you’ll see an awesome animation while the phone boots.

How to Change Android Shut Down Boot Animation

  • Navigate again to /local/system/media
  • Rename to shutanimation.techvshackz or anything else.
  • Paste any shut animation file their & rename it to
  • Reboot the device for the changes to get applied.
  • Done you have successfully changed shut animation in android.

How to Add Sound to Custom Android Boot Animation

  • Navigate back to /system/media
  • If their’s a file with name bootaudio.mp3
  • Then Rename bootaudio.mp3 to anything else.
  • Pick the audio you want to set during boot.
  • Paste to the same folder & rename it to bootaudio.mp3
  • Reboot your device.

How to Change Android Boot Animation to Custom Automatically

Their are apps available for free on play store which are having plenty of custom boot animation for android & they can also change the default if the phone is rooted.

Change Android Boot Animation Using Custom Boot Animations App

  • Download Boot Animations Android App.
  • Choose custom animation from the app which you want to apply on the boot screen.
  • Done..! It’ll automatically change the file from the folder
  • And it’ll backup original one too which in any case can be restored.

Can we Change Android Boot Animation without Root

The flexibilty of the android operating system extends with rooting process. As the process to change boot animation goes through changing the file from directory. So it looks impossible to get access to the directory without root. But as per an article by addictive tips changing android boot animation without rooting is possible. Though the process involves pushing the package to the /system/media directory using android debug bridge (ADB).

How to Change Android Boot Animation Without Root With ADB

  • Turn On USB debugging in your android & connect it to your pc.
  • Now Launch ADB in your pc.
  • Enter the following commands:
//Works In Non-Rooted Only//

adb pull /data/local/ c:\     //to pull the bootanimation file
adb push /data/local/       //to push file to the required folder

Some Best Custom Android Boot Animations for Download

Here are the list of some cool & best custom boot animation for android which you can try for free.

iron man boot animation

  1. Anonymous Custom Android Boot Animation
  2. Watch Dogs Custom Boot Animation
  3. CynogenMod 13 & 14.1 Boot Animation
  4. Google Nougat Boot Animation
  5. Google Android O Boot Animation
  6. Iron Man Boot Animation
  7. Call of Duty Custom Boot Animation
  8. Apple ios 10.1 Boot Animation
  9. Linux Custom Boot Animation
  10. Hacker Custom Boot Animation
  11. Flaming Skull Android Boot Animation

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