**(Complete Guide)How to install Xposed Framework in Marshmallow

Today’s article is on how to get xposed Framework in marshmallow.


  1. CWM installed (Simply Google it with ur device name) Or TWRP 
  2. Xposed installer Alpha
  3. Xposed Installer .Zip file
  4. Make Full backup (including Nandroid)
  5. Some Common Senese.

Install Xposed in Marshmallow:

Step 1:Initially download Hardware info tool From here- download.

  • Open the app and Click on processor tab and u will find info like given below which have info about ARMv7,ARM64 or x86. Check in screenshoot below.
  • Install Xposed Framework On Android
  • Install Xposed Framework On Android
  • This info differs phone to phone.
  • So u need to check your’s.
  • So download Framework According to Ur Processor From Below:-
  • Xposed Framework For ARMv7 Marshmallow Devices
  • For ARMv64 Marshmallow devices
  • For x86 Devices
  • Install Xposed Installer app For All Marshmallow Devices Form below:-
  • Xposed Installer App for all Marshmallow Devices
  • Install Xposed Framework On Android
  • After doing above Steps Power off Your Device And Turn it on in Recovery Mode by Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key OR Volume Up + Power Key + Home key.
  • Click on Install Button in Recovery Mode
  • Install Xposed Framework On Android
  • Search For the file It Could Be in Download Folder like Below (Better to save it in root.)
  • Install Xposed Framework On Android
  • Now Swipe Right to  install the File.
  • Installation Can  take up to 5 min.
  • After installion Reboot the SystemInstall Xposed Framework On Android
  • Now install Xposed installer app and reboot Again.
  • Install Xposed Framework On Android

  • Now enjoy All modules and customize your android device.Install Xposed Framework On Android
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