(Fake)Amazon Scam Alert- Samsung Galaxy J7

Hello..! Guys, We’re here with a scam alert. We all get messages through Whatsapp to promote these Scams. Whatsapp is now used to promote those fradulent activities. It could be dangerous to give your valuable information to such people. So read this article and play safe.

Recently they are promoting Samsung Led Scam on Amazon. Which is totally a great scam. Those messages are much irritating and should be ignored.

We got a message from one of our subscriber with the link. To buy Samsung Galaxy J7 from Amazon from a flash sale. So i thought to tell about this scam to all our visitors.

                              Amazon Scam Alert

How to find if it is a Scam or not:

  • We got a link like this  http://amazon.mobile-flashsale.com .
  • They are offering J7 at Rs.499.
  • You can easily find out that this is nothing else than a scam.
  • This domain is totally fake and bought a week ago.
  • The seller has given 4.4 rating which is fake.
  • They will ask you to download some malicious apps which could be dangerous to keep.
  • samsung J7 download app harm for phone
  • You’ll find too much grammatical errors on those fake websites.
  • Professional don’t do like that.
  • So i suggest you even not to open that link.

What they need:

  • They are doing this to get some traffic on they sites.
  • Earn from every app Install.
  • Those apps are malicious never download those apps.
So this was a little article to help some of the people which could not able to find if it is a scam or a Real. So share this article with your friends as well as family. And protect them from these Scam’s.

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