How to Install Any App as a System App in Android

Howdy Readers, Did you thought you How you can install a third app in the system’s of android? Wanna make any app uninstallable in android ? or converting users app into system app in android. May be you tried the process or that’s why you could be here. Their are many apps which you use daily even more than any specific system app. Many times after the hard reset your favourite apps got deleted or uninstalled. Do you know the reason? If simply because apps which are not in the android system’s root will be removed after the data wipe. So i’ll be telling you some easy methods to install app as system app.

Install app as system

You may be thinking! Is it possible to such geeky without having a root access. For now, answer is simply No! & we can’t install app as system app without root access but may be later on it could be possible. So if you’re having a android phone with root access. Follow below mentioned steps to make any app uninstallable.

Install App As System App

May be you are known of methods listing below so don’t mind & share the post to let the knowledge pass. Their are many methods to make an app uninstallable with root access & busybox. Installing App as System is quite difficult with that methods because who will learn those commands to push an app in system. Do you? Even their are many methods to convert user app into system app though i can’t discuss all of them so i’ll be telling some easy and best way to do. It’s quite easy with an app which can give you access to android system’s or root folders which aren’t accessible without having a rooted android device. So lets start:

Installing App As System App Using ES File Manager

This method is easiest one & min favourite too! This process is easy but the method require a root access or a rooted device. This methods is easy plus you will be able to learn how and where an app is installed to make it uninstallable. To let this method work, you need a file explorer or file manager which can give you access to android system roots folders. Once you did. You just have to paste the app to specific folder & reboot your device. Isn’t it easy? Follow following steps to any install any 3rd party app in the system with root:

  • At First, Download any File Manager with root access. ES File Explorer | Root Browser
  • Open Root browser & let the app to access you android’s root.
  • For ES File Explorer Click on Menu and turn on Root Explorer & then it give root permission.
  • Now navigate to /Local/Device.
  • Then /data/app & pick any user app which you wanna install app as system.
  • Copy or cut the apk file from their.
  • Now move to /local/device/system/app.
  • And paste the app their.
  • You’re almost done.
  • If any pop-up appears with permissions tab.
  • Simply change them to
User- Read & Write

Group- Read

Other- Read
  • Boom! You did that, now reboot your device for changes to get applied.

Install Any App as System App Using ADB

If app is installed in your phone:

If the app you wanna convert to system app is installed in your device then you can try some easy commands using adb to make it uninstallable. Make sure USB debugging is set to ON & phone has been detected by ADB. So enter following commands in adb command window:

adb devices                  //shows phones serial no if detected
adb remount                  //mounts android storage
adb shell
cd /data/app          
ls apk_file-name*            //com.whatsapp.apk for Whatsapp
mv apk_filename_here /system/app/apk_filename_here //moves file to system folder
adb reboot                   // reboots your android
  • Once the command has been entered one by one. After all your phone will get reboot for the changes to be applied.

If app is not installed in phone | Install from Pc’s Drive:

The one app which you want to convert into system app is not installed in your phone or the app is to be installed from hard drive of your pc. You can try following commands to do so:

adb remount
adb push apk_filename_here /system/app
adb shell chmod 644 /system/app/apk_filename
adb reboot

So guys this was another method to install app as system app with root using adb.

Install App As System Using System Apps Installer Root Apk

If you’re feeling lazy & don’t wanna install apps manually by adding apk file in the system’s app folder you can alternatively use this system apps uninstaller apk to do so. Though, this method is easiest one too but the process requires a rooted + busybox installed device. This method also has many other advantages like you can uninstall system apps & much more. So to install any third party app as system app follow:

  • Download & Install System Apps Installer[Root] apk.
  • Give the app, Root Access.
  • Click on Install User app As System.
  • This app will automatically add that app in the system/app folder.
  • You can also manage system apps or Uninstall them with System apps installer apk.

So you can try any of the method you like but do it safely & don’t add that apk in any other folder than /system/app else it may cause serious issues to your device.


Is It Possible to Install App As System App Without Root?

Well, For now it not possible. However, in future their will be definitely their will be such techniques using which you’ll be able to install any app as system app without having root access.

Advantages Of Making An App Uninstallable

  • Prevent from accidental uninstall.
  • Apps will be their even after Hard reset.
  • Apps will work even in safe mode 😀
  • Uninstall useless or bloatwares using system apps installer apk.

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