**(Latest)Byepass Facebook Photo Tag Verification

From last few days, We got too many requests from some users that their facebook account is being blocked and needs to clear photo tag verification. I know people tag their most of the friends to get few likes more. Few months Back i was also facing same problem issues because facebook blocked my account Temprarily but after trying hard and many tricks i got success. I’ll be able to clear photo verification. As we all know that Facebook has gone to high level in Security Resons. Now they don’t allow Fake accounts.

                    Why we face photo tag verification

Most common reasons i found are-
  1. Using fake name on facebook.
  2. Send too much friends requests a day.
  3. And tagging more than 100 friends in a single photo.

      How to remove Photo Tag Verification Permanently

As Precautions Are better than Cure so follow Steps written below:
  1. Using your Real name on fb account.
  2. Uplaoding Govt. Issued ID on Facebook.
  3. Don’t Send more than 10 friend requests a day.
  4. Cancel all pending Requests.

So by using these Simple tricks written above you’ll be able to Remove fb photo verification from your account permanenlty.

                   How to Byepass Photo Tag Verification

  1. **Easiest**Method 1: May or may not work
  • Download Tunnelbear app from Play store or App Store (Available for Both Android & iOS)
  • Open the app and Make an account.
  • Now Open your mailbox and verify your newly Created account.
  • Now login to your account.
  • Now Select location as JAPAN.
  • Once you’re connected to the Server.
  • Open Facebook.
  • Then login your Blocked account.
  • Enter the Captcha correctly.
  • Now you’re logged into your blocked account.
  • Now you will be asked for phone no, verification.
  • Enter your no. Don’t forget to change Country Code to +91.
  • Now enter the verification Code recieved.
  • Wohooo..!You’ve Successfully logged in…!

Note- This method Sometimes doesn’t work so u’re unlucky & it won’t work for you follow Method 2.

2.**Difficult than 1st**Method 2:
  • So above method didn’t work for you. Don’t be Sad follow this one.
  • Go to Facebook.
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Now enter the Captcha.
  • So you are on verification Screen now.
  • You’ll get 5 chances and 2 skips.
  • Now you’ve to take screenshoots of all the pics u could see during tag verification.
  • You can take 7 Screenshoots at Single time because hourly limit will’e exceeded & save all the screenShoot with no. like 1,2,3…! use 2 skips too.
  • Repeat above Step again & again.If you have 100 friends than you’ll be able to bypass Tag verification with atleast 20 pictures.
  • Whenever you see same pic 2nd time check 1st one and look for common name in both. And that common name is the answer of the pic.
  • So now you got 1 answer Save that pic with the friends name.
  • So Whenever you see two pictures two time check friends name so you got the answer.
  • Do this process again & again.

Note-You’ll be able to try three times a day beacause facebook doesn;t allow more than that. So this process hardly take 2-3 days and you’ll be able to recover your blocked facebook account.


                                          So the article End here. I hope you like it

                                            Still Confused feel free to ask anything

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