Xiaomi Mi A1 Unveiled With Stock Android, Dual Cameras at Rs. 14,999

Xiaomi has introduced a new series in the indian market. Well, it is the rebranded Mi 5X(recently seen in china) Now we had another new xiaomi series with Mi A1 in the list. The first smartphone from xiaomi with a dual rear camera setup which has been unveiled officially in india. Alleged to be working with Google from past few months this collab will be giving stock android in Mi phones. This smartphone is first to be under Android One project from xiaomi. I’ll be listing down Xiaomi Mi A1 Review, Specs, Pros & Cons, Flash sale dates.

Well, the smartphone looks quite sleeker & design is almost same as we had seen in OnePlus 5 & iPhone 7 Plus. They had just flipped the arrangement of dual camera with LED flash. Stock ui comes free from bloatware(pre-installed apps resulting in permanent usage of the memory)

Interestingly, Xiaomi has dumped it’s home grown MIUI custom ROM & would be featuring stock android with pure android experience. MIUI is supposed to be quite bulkier than other roms resulting in lagging just after one year use of the smartphone. And with the stock ui, Xiaomi’s mi a1 would be getting all latest security patches.

Xiaomi Mi A1

mi a1 flash sale review

In my opinion, their is nothing outstanding in this device. Design of this device is almost similar to the in rumors “Mi’s 5X“. There is addition of dual camera in this phone else than their is nothing special. Stock ui addition is a good step in my opinion. Though, dual camera is a trend of 2017 but this won’t be working for xiaomi i thought because throwing stones with eyes closed doesn’t work any more.

Xiaomi Mi A1 will be running on Android Nougat 7.1.2 under android one. It is powered by Snapdragon 625 SoC based on 14 nm technology. It has type-c charging port. Their is a 3080 mAh power source & doesn’t has fast charging support. But SD625 does support fast charging so may the so called phone will support fast charging with third party chargers. Though, their wasn’t that much improvement in SD630 but it’s the upgraded version of the same which xiaomi has skipped at least Snapdragon 630 should be expected. The graphics part has been lead by Adreno 506 GPU which is supposed to be decent on its way.

Xiaomi MIA1 Buy Now From Flipkart, Amazon Flash Sale At Rs 14,999 Only

Xiaomi MIA1 Review

Well, Xiaomi is calling Mi A1 a flagship with a tagline flagship camera. Believe me, it is compared with OnePlus 5’s & iPhone 7 Plus camera by Xiaomi. So, lets check guts of Xiaomi’s Mi A1 Smartphone.

Design & Build Quality

The most i liked is the design & those curved corners just like The Oneplus 5. Build quality seems to be awesome. And it weigh just 154gm. The fully aluminium body on the back looks charming. It’ll be available in three colors in india which are- black, gold & rose gold.

Xiaomi’s Dual Camera Flagship ?

The camera features looks pretty promising on the paper but aren’t much impressive. It has dual rear cameras placed just like iPhone 7+. Though, it’s the first phone from xiaomi with dual camera. Mi A1 has a primary wide angle camera & a telephoto lens measures 12 mega-pixels each.

Instead actually improving the quality of the camera setup they’ve been calling it a flagship dual camera. The bokeh or portrait mode does not work well enough. Either it blurs the focused part which seems to be shit. The wide angle camera has f/2.2 aperture which is capable of quicker focus but the captures would be slower and doesn’t seems to be decent for professional photography.

The rear camera’s color reproduction is quite impressive at this range. So overall performance is enough looking at this range. Unfortunately, neither of the cameras has optical image stabilization. Neither of the them even has Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS) or Optical Image Stabilization(OIS).

Comparing with smartphone in it’s range, Moto G5s+ is the best alternative. Xiaomi’s A1 has better rear camera but moto has far better color reproduction. However, the colors from A1 looks artificial whereas G5s Plus remains natural. G5s+ has better front camera & does have a selfie flash as well. Motorola smartphones looks promising and has better after sale service than Xiaomi anytime. Overall camera performance is good. If you need best rear camera setup at budget price. You should go for MIA1.


Xiaomi seems to be in love with SD625 clocked under 2 GHz. Because their is no means of having the past year processor in the upcoming smartphone. Though, their is not so much improvement in Snapdragon 630 but SD653 was also their & has far better performance than 625. It has been coupled with 4GB of RAM and comes with 64GB of physical storage with expansion using hybrid slot.

Stock Android – The Change?

MIUI is shit! Bulky with Worst UI & too many Bloatware are totally worthless. Without proper optimization MIUI starts to lag within a year or so of phone purchase. Instead of having some useful features just like Oxygen OS, MI’s home grown ROM is filled with SHIT worthless features! Though Cynogen Mod was love. But Oxygen has pretty awesome features with so popular switching on screen navigation buttons from physical buttons/Soft Keys. Oxy has lots of gestures as well.

Oxygen OS is so optimized for performance. This is the reason why OnePlus 5(3300mAh) lasts more than a day with heavy usage and MI phone(4000mAh usually) 6-7 hours only. The addition of Stock ROM seems to be pretty well decision but hardware too needs to be optimized. Resulting in excessive heat while heavy usage and later with the daily use phone starts lagging and heats up.

Battery & Charging

Don’t know why xiaomi has dropped the battery size because Note 4 has 4100mAh battery and has same SD625 but MIA1 has 3080mAh battery. But still the stock rom with optimized processor would let it source a day. MIUI seems comparatively bulkier and isn’t properly optimized resulting is excessive heat. However MiA1 would be far better than Redmi Note 4 and almost same in the G5S+ as well. With 3000mAh battery it can easy last a day longer.

Mi A1 doesn’t support fast charging but moto’s g5s+ do. And it would be taking around 3 hours to completely charge the phone where as g5s plus takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to completely charge the device which is quite impressive.

After Sale Service – Does It Sucks?

All chinese including Mi & OnePlus is considered to have worst after sale service. Its reality. Chinese smartphone makers compromise & reduce the device price this way resulting poor after sale service.

Keep your smartphone protected(specially physically) because companies would be charging higher expanse for the usual parts and physical damage is not considered in warranty. So keep it protected with back covers & screen guards.

Xiaomi MI A1 Price in India

Well, Xiaomi has been trying to completely get their hands dipped in the budget section. Now they had a single phone in every 2k increase till 20k.

By the way MIA1 is priced at Rs 14,999 in india. Well, in my opinion this phone is bit over priced. We had moto smartphone in this range with almost same specs and moto has better reputation. If it would be priced few cents down definitely it gonna be best smartphone within its range.

Since the dual camera addition was just a trend of 2017 we had that blurring effects with single camera as well. But it takes the hardware part in action. Definitely, if they had priced it around 13k their would be drops in Redmi Note 4 sales. But this phone still comes in the list of best smartphone under 15,000.

Xiaomi MIA1 Flash Sale on Flipkart

Mi A1 is all set for the sale on flipkart. MiA1 first sale is on 12th September and you have to face the same rush as on other xiaomi flash sales. This sale is held at 12:00 noon. Definitely their would be huge crowd awaiting for this device you may require Xiaomi Mi A1 Flash Sale script to actually get it in your hands. However, as predicted the sale will be their every tuesday same time.

So it would take approximately a month to feed the smartphone hungry audience. Than MiA1 would be easy to buy without a flash sale script.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Next Flash Sale on Flipkart

Well, after the first sale on 12th September, A1 will appear again for sale on 19th September at 12 noon. Be ready, if you really need this device.

First Sale Date: 12th September 2017

Second Sale Date: 19th September 2017

Third Sale Date: 21th September 2017

Xioami Mi A1 Next Flash Sale Script Flipkart | 19th September

Buying a smartphone through a open flash sale when huge crowd is waiting for it. It doesn’t only require a better internet connection but some tricks as well to successfully buy the smartphone. So we would either be adding a flash sale script to successfully buy or update any trick.

Xiaomi MI A1 Next Flash Sale Script will be added here.

Due to some regular changes from flipkart, the script may not work every time. So it needs to be tested once.

Trick to Buy Mi A1 Successfully From Flipkart Flash Sale

  • Open MIA1 sale page 5 minutes before the sale starts.
  • When their’s about 10 seconds left.
  • Click on the deal.
  • On the further page, keep on clicking Add to Cart button until it actually adds the device in your cart.
  • Don’t click on Buy Now, Add the item first in the cart.
  • Once it it available in your shopping cart you would have 10 minutes for the checkout.
  • Choose you delivery address and pay the amount online or prefer COD instead.
  • Within a week, Mi A1 will be delivered at your doorsteps.

So this was another smartphone addition to the Xiaomi’s list. Though the smartphone is a bit over priced in my opinion but still this is one of the better options available if you need a smartphone under 15,000.

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