Samsung to Launch Foldable Phones: Galaxy X1 and Galxy X1 Plus

Samsung Foldable Phones, Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus Specification Release date, expected price: Samsung and few other companies have been working on foldable smartphones from many years. In 2013 Samsung claimed of foldable phones which were showcased at MWC 2014 in a private meeting. But the technology of foldable samsung phones may be lighten up in 2017. As per rumours, Samsung will unveil their X-series smartphones in the market. As expected, Samsung Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus will be launched near fourth-quarter of 2017. The news came from a patent application which has been filled by Samsung for real foldable phones.

samsung foldable phones

Samsung might roll out 100,000 units of samsung galaxy x foldable phones. The project of samsung foldable phones was first codenamed as Project Valley, and they’re now ending up with galaxy x series smartphones. So futuristic foldable phones will be realistic very soon.

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Samsung Foldable Phones: Are they really Foldable?

As foldable display sounds very cool. So Samsung foldable phones can be expected to be cool too! Samsung might not unveil its Galaxy S8 this year, that why they’re working with a new technology and thinking. The concept of Foldable smartphones was first introduced by samsung at CES 2013 and first foldable display phone prototype was showcased at MWC 2014. As their are very strong expectation from samsung that their smartphone with foldable display will be showcased near october-november of 2017. And phones to be available till end of 2018. Samsung Galaxy X to be a real foldable smartphones and can be bent from hinges.

The Patent filled by samsung claims that phone can be folded into two halfs and if unfolded can become a 7 inch tablet. Aspect ratio of Galaxy foldable phones is 21:9 or near to it. Recent launch Galaxy NOTE EDGE was with a curved display but reports claims galaxy x1 and x1 plus to be real foldable smartphones.

Samsung Foldable Display Phones: Samsung Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus

samsung foldable galaxy x1 and galaxy x1 plus phones

Samsung foldable flagship phones will be available very soon. Certain reports claim that, Foldable display will feature in galaxy x1 and galaxy x1 plus. Samsung codenamed Galaxy x1 SM-X9000 & Galaxy x1 Plus SM-X9050. These upcoming devices, x1 and x1 plus will be with android 6.0 and android 7.0 resp. As expected, both of the device will be having super AMOLED FHD display with 4K video resolution. Samsung Galaxy x1 to be with a large 5.5 inch foldable display. Packed with SnapDragon 821 and 2.3 ghz octa core 64-bit processor.

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Samsung Galaxy X1 & X1 Plus Specifications: GSMARENA SMARTPRIX PHONERADAR

  • Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat.
  • 5.5inch super AMOLED FHD display with 4K videos support
  • Quick Charge Support
  • 6GB RAM; 128GB Internal Storage
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Snapdragon 821 qualcomm processor with 2.3ghz octa-core 64-bit
  • Adreno 505 GPU
  • Available Colors: Gold, Silver, and Black

Samsung Galaxy X Expected Price, Release or Launch Date:

Samsung to first showcase this new x-series smartphones at MWC 2017 to be held at Barcelona. Although galaxy x launch date will be near 3rd week of October. Whereas Galaxy x1 and x1 plus expected price to be near 55,000 to 60,000 INR.

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Note: Information listed in this post about upcoming Samsung Foldable Phones has been gathered from different sources. It has not been confirmed officially. We’ll give this information an update once it’ll be sourced officially by Samsung. You can Subscribe to us via Email newsletter or browser notifier to get update’d content.

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