[Insane]TURING PHONE CADENZA: Dual Snapdragon, 12gb RAM ,Triple Battery

Turing Phone Cadenza Launch Date, Expected Price in India: Have you ever imagined the future of Smartphones. If no! Then Here is a glimpse of the same. Yes! Because Turing Phone Cadenza has ability to show the next generation of mobile devices with its extraordinary features. So How much INR Turing Phone Cadenza Price in india cost?Turing Phone Cadenza is having 12gb RAM , Two Snapdragon Processors, Triple Battery and much more…

Turing PHONE cadenza 12gb ram 60mp camera smartphone

TRI(Turing Robitics Industries) foresees a new machine with far more computing power to serve our daily needs when we need them the most, thus we’ve dreamed up and have begun development of what we call a “perfectly designed device.” TRI introduced you to – the Turing Cadenza Smartphone.

Alan Turing introduces you First Liquid-metal mobile phone.

Turing Phone Cadenza Expected Price in India:

Actually their are no leaks yet which can confirm that turing cadenza will be sold at that price tag. But as per roumers, reports and looking at its high end specifications.Expected Price of Turing Phone Cadenza Price in India will be near to 60,000 INR. This post will get an update after official confirmation with exact turing phone cadenza price in india.

Turing Phone Cadenza Specifications:

  • 5.8” 2560x1440p display
  • 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors(16 Kyro cores)
  • 60MP iMax camera 6K quad rear camera with triple lens/T 1.2’, 20MP dual front camera
  • 12GB RAM and 1 TB of storage in total(256×2 Internal Storage and 2 x 256 GB of microSD cards)
  • Swordfish OS based on deep learning(AI)
  • Voice powered power on/off
  • 100wH triple power source – 2400mAh graphene supercapacitor battery, 1600mAh Li-ion battery and Hydrogen fuel cells
  • 4 nano-SIMS 4G LTE ready
  • Marshall Equalizer for great sound.

TURING Phone CADENZA has doubled the storage and double memory cards slots.

Turing cadenza launch date 60mp camera phone expected price in india

In 2017 , the connectivity will also enhance with the introduction of Quad SIM support, WiGig60GHz (1 Gbps) Qualcomm’s latest aptX Bluetooth audio partnered with Marshall ®. Moreover, Cadenza will be based on entirely new Operating System ‘Swordfish OS’ along with new feature of VoiceON interference.

To extend this smartphone battery, Cadenza will be powered with triple energy sources including 2,400 mAh Graphene Superconductor battery, 1,600 mAh standard Li-Ion battery, and a hydrogen fuel cell.

So this phone will break many records including best camera,best battery, best performance and world’s most expensive smartphone.

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